Once you get the hang of laying parquet flooring, the process is a breeze. Begin by laying out the design or pattern you want on your floor to make sure you have it right. Do this before you attach it permanently – it is not easy to get back up once it is down.

Prepare for Mistakes

Making a mistake while laying can be quite common, so it is best to buy about 5 percent more wood than you think you will need to cover accidents. It is better to buy the extra up front so you don’t have to stop in the middle of you installation to run out for a couple of pieces. It’s good to have a bit extra; as time goes on, you will need it to repair any damage that your floor sustains through regular wear and tear.

Parquet Floor Polish

How to Lay Parquet Floors

Most rooms are not perfectly square and don’t often go in straight lines. When laying a parquet floor, start from the centre of the room and work your way out to the walls. This process is very different from traditional plank wood flooring installation, but then again, that is probably one of the reasons you want parquet for your home. By starting from the room’s centre, it is guaranteed that the irregularities of the room will only be shown by the flooring in the corners and against the walls.

Parquet Floor Installation

A Unique Choice

For strangely proportioned and older homes, parquet flooring is the best to lay. It hides irregularities much better than regular wood flooring and offers a unique design without having to pay for custom wood. It is also very durable, so families will be able to enjoy it for many years after installation is complete.

Parquet Floor

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