Time for a Bathroom Remodel? DIY? Contractor? Help!?

Should You Hire a Professional to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Are you unhappy with your bathroom? Do you feel crappy in the crapper? Is it time for an update or a remodel?

Remodeled Bathroom


Weighing the Pros and Cons

To determine whether you should remodel your bathroom, examine the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Disadvantages: Time, money, inconvenience.

Advantages: Better bathroom, increase the overall value of your home.

Three are many reasons why one wants to or must remodel, you’ll have to figure this out for yourself. So, now that you have personally weighed the pros and cons, let’s move on.

Deciding to Remodel: What Do I Want and Where Do I Start?

Once of you have decided to remodel your bathroom you will need to make several decisions starting with what do I want and where do I start?

A great starting question is, “who is going to do this?” The two choices are usually, do it yourself DIY or hire the services of a professional contractor. Reality TV may have you convinced that everyone and their brother are master DIY home renovators, successful real estate flippers, interior designers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers, etc. but that is reality TV, real reality is quite different. Most homeowners are not DIY professionals and they hire professional contractors to help them achieve the home that feels like home.

Professional Contractors vs. DIY: Quality and Time

Most professional contractors produce better work than most do-it-your-selfers. Therefore, if you are looking to have the best-looking bathroom you can possibly achieve and you are not a professional contractor or have the desire to learn how to become one, it may be a good idea to hire the services of a professional contractor.

Another reason why you may want to have your bathroom professionally remodeled is time, doing it yourself requires a large time investment. Most professional contractors can get the work done quickly and a fraction of the time as a DIY.

Reducing Responsibility and Stress

In addition to saving time, you may also want to hire the services of a professional contractor if you do not want to have the responsibility of remodeling your own bathroom. A bathroom remodeling project is a large amount of work and responsibility that involves a variety of required skills and trades like carpentry, tiling, plumbing, electrical, etc.; it may just be too much.

Considering the Costs and Limitations

Although there are several advantages to having a professional contractor remodel your bathroom, there are also several disadvantages, mainly the cost. As previously mentioned, professional contractors are more likely to produce quality work and if you are looking for the best, you should be prepared to pay for it. It can get quite expensive to have your bathroom professionally remodeled. The overall costs of remodeling will all depend on how much work you need to have done, how expensive your tastes are and who you hire to do the job.

Clean Bathroom Design


Making the Final Decision

Another disadvantage to having a professional contractor perform your bathroom remodeling is the lack of freedom that you may have. Contractor do as they are told; however, they may encounter problems that cost extra money. Whether you decide to add on extra work or eliminate work, you may find that changing your mind usually costs extra money, in the form of labor and materials.

Since there are several advantages and disadvantages to having your bathroom remodeled and many pros and cons of working with professionals, you may find it difficult to make decisions. Perhaps, the best way to help make decisions is to determine what your mandatory needs are and then what your fantasy wants are, then piecing it together. If you are unsure as of exactly what you would like in your bathroom remodel, it may be a good idea to make up your mind first, take your time to plan everything out, do not rush that new toilet flush.

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