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Hardwood Flooring: An Essential Home Element

Hardwood floors have been around for hundreds of years. Wood floors were probably the first type of floor covering besides dirt. Hardwood floors can be one of the essential elements in designing your home.

Installing Radiant Heat Systems for Hardwood Flooring

Some people are hesitant to install hardwood floors over radiant heat system. This is due to the fact that radiant heat systems were from the original technology launched more than 40 years ago and aren’t as effective as they are now.

Different Kids of Flooring: Which Ones to Choose

Different kinds of flooring evoke ambience and emotion. Flooring that is available today comes in a wide array of materials that could be used for any lifestyle and function. Many floors that we see now have ceased to be the floors that we see in old photographs and historic houses.

Can you Install Hardwood Floors in a Bathroom?

When building or remodeling a bathroom, people have shied away from using hardwood flooring in those spaces. The mantra that designers and architects have stuck to is wood and water don’t mix. 

Tips on Remodeling your Home: Wood Flooring

If it’s time for a remodel and updating of your home, you might want to consider hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring can transform your home by adding lasting value, beauty and elegance, and a home that will make you proud.