Installing exterior shutters to a window is a quick and easy way to add style to the outside of a home. Both historical and modern houses will benefit from the timeless accent of having exterior shutters.

Installing Shutters

As with all types of home improvements, you should evaluate the quality and longevity of the exterior shutters before you make a purchase.

The exterior window shutters for your home are available in many different shapes and materials.

Should you Choose Vinyl or Wood?

Vinyl and wood shutters are easily available at most home improvement stores – they can also be a cost-effective option. You can also make wooden shutters operable with functional hardware.

Window Shutters

Minimal Maintenance

Exterior shutters can also be made of several types of wood. The best wood to use is cedar, as it offers outstanding durability and resistance to decay. It also provides long service with minimal maintenance in applications involving mud, silk, fencing, poles, and even exterior shutters.

Install Exteriors

The tannin oil in cedar is what makes it an ideal wood for exterior shutters. This type of oil will prevent moisture penetration – and is resistant to bugs. Keep in mind, you should always protect exterior shutters. However, it is better to finish the shutters before you install them so you can fully cover all surfaces.

A Prime Coat

The ideal base for exterior shutters is a prime coat of oil base that is tinted as close to the final color as possible.  The oil will penetrate the wood, giving better protection. For the best results in painting, you should always consult a professional painting company.

Paint Shutters

Ventilation and Maintenance

You can mount exterior shutters to your home with a 1/2″ spacer between the back of the panels and the building to allow ventilation. If you aren’t using functional hardware, you should use rustproof screws that sink flush to the wood. Once you have finished the installation, simply paint over the heads of the screws.

By having on opaque finish on the wood, it will prevent light rays from penetrating the finish and breaking down wooden fibers of your exterior shutters. If you choose, you can also stain exterior shutters.

Exterior Shutters

Any time you are staining shutters, you should use finishing products that are designed specifically for exterior use. Be prepared to do proper maintenance on your shutters to keep them looking fresh and new.

Color and style

Exterior shutters will add color and style to the outside of your home. As previously mentioned, wooden exterior shutters are the most popular and best to use, and add a unique touch to your home.

Style Shutters

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