There are many different types of issues that can occur around the home but perhaps one of the most difficult and damaging is flooding.

It is not only a matter of the damage that can occur directly because of the water, but the continuous damage it will cause for a very long time if not cared for properly. Problems with rotting material and even mold infestation.

Caring for this problem is vitally important and when you do so in the right way, it helps to clear up the issues and get you back to your home again quickly and effectively.

Following 5 home water damage tricks will help you to deal with the problem in the best way possible. 

1) Prepare for the Problem

If, at all possible, it is always best to prepare for a problem with water damage before it ever takes place. Although there are going to be certain issues, such as broken water pipes or flash flooding that could cause water damage unexpectedly there are also many times when it can be seen early enough to correct as many problems as possible. This would include moving valuables to higher ground and perhaps even preparing for the cleanup before it takes place.

Fixing Pipe

2) Stop the Water

When the flooding occurs because of an interior issue, such as a leaking appliance or a burst water pipe, one important factor is to stop the flow of water as soon as possible. If an appliance is involved, turn the water off that feeds the appliance. If you aren’t sure where the water is coming from, turn off the main source of water to the entire house. It is also a good idea to shut off the electricity at the breaker panel or call an electrician if standing water is a problem.

Plumber Fixing

3) Document Everything

Although you are probably interested in going in and cleaning up the damage as soon as possible, you may be causing issues with your insurance if you do so without documenting the damage. The insurance company is going to want detailed information about the flood and any damage that occurred. In most cases, insurance companies will allow you to upload digital photos so they can assess the situation and allow you to get started on the cleanup. Contact your insurance agent as soon as possible.

Moving Furniture

4) Reduce Damage

If you have any standing water in the home, remove it from the home as soon as possible. A sump pump can be rented for this purpose or in some cases, you may be able to contact the local fire department to pump excess water out of the home, particularly the basement. If you have a wet-dry vacuum cleaner, remove as much water as possible from the furniture and carpet.

Flood Mopping

5) Contact a Professional

Although there may be certain things you can do as a homeowner; the extent of the damage is not going to be fully known or corrected until you contact a professional. Flood restoration companies can help to restore your home and get you back to your life as soon as possible. If you simply clean up the home by what is visible on the exterior, you may miss some vital problems that could lead to additional issues down the road. Some of those problems could include mold infestation, which is something you would certainly want to avoid.

Calling Plumber

Water damage affects well over 10,000 homeowners and businesses on a daily basis in the United States. It is a very serious problem, but it is one that is correctable. Take the measures you can take as soon as possible after the flooding is identified and then contact a professional to clear the area completely.

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