3 Easy Floor Repair Tips

These are just a few of the “homemade” recipes for quick fixes that are available. If you have an idea, or have tried something and it works, please visit the FlooringGuide and post your ideas for others to see.

Chipped or scratched ceramic tile?

If you don’t want to go through the very time consuming and difficult task of replacing an individual tile, try one of these techniques.

The quickest and easiest way is to go to your cosmetics store. Find the colored nail polish that best matches your tile. Simply apply to the small chip or scratch. It works!

If your tile is chipped on a larger scale, and you have the piece, simply use some “Crazy Glue” to reattach the fragment.

There are times when the tile cracks add character, and times when they simply need to be replaced.

Chipped Tile

Chipped or scratched hardwood flooring.

Most manufacturers produce “touch up” kits. Typically these kits will contain several items used to repair your hardwood floor. Specialty products can be costly, so we have a great suggestion that will work and save you money.

You will need one “tool” but there are two methods of application.

The Tool: A normal wax crayon that closely matches the color of your floor.

The Application: 

Method 1
Remove the paper off of the crayon, shave down and place in microwavable dish. Melt the pieces of wax crayon down until they can be molded into a putty like substance. WARNING: Be careful the wax can get quite hot.

Method 2
Carefully melt the crayon directly using either a long wooden match or another type of lighter.
This method is more risky and leaves you with less control of both the crayon and the dripping wax.

**This can also be used on LAMINATE FLOORING**

Brown Crayon

Carpet needs re-stretching.

This happens a fair amount of the time. You could hire a professional installer to come over and stretch the carpet back to the proper fit, or you can try this easy method first.

You will need 2 people. One person must wear running shoes and will be the “KICKER”. The other person will need a sharp utility knife and a 4″ putty knife (or similar), this person will be the “TUCKER”.

The “KICKER” jumps forward with both feet together. The sole of the running shoes will grab the carpet and push it in the direction of the jump. It is important that the “JUMPER” not move until the “TUCKER” has done his job. After the “KICKER” has jumped the “TUCKER” will then use the putty knife to tuck the carpet in along the outside of the room, tucking under the base trim and cutting off any excess if necessary. Repeat as necessary. If this does not do an adequate job, or if you have many seams etc., please call a professional.

Stretch Carpeting

The Flooring Guide has many more tips, tricks, and instructional how to’s on the way. Please visit us again.

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