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Full Spread Vinyl Flooring – Preparation

Replacing floors comes under the coverage of remodeling and may be regulated by local building codes. A permit may be necessary. Many areas require a permit if more than $100 of work will be done.

How to

5 Tricks to Reduce Home Water Damage

There are many different types of issues that can occur around the home but perhaps one of the most difficult and damaging is flooding. It isn’t only a matter of the damage that can occur directly because of the water, it will continue to cause damage for a very long time if it is not cared for properly.


5 Tips for Laundry Room Renovations

There are some rooms that consistently seem to cause issues for owners whether on a small scale or a large one and no matter what type of specific renovations are needed to build out a truly remarkable laundry room, a lot can go wrong if a good plan isn’t in place.

10 Bathroom Decorating Tips

Add a simple detail, such as a picture rail or shelf along one wall, to display framed prints or small collectibles like perfume bottles.

Care & Cleaning

10 Tile Floor Care Tips

There are many different types of flooring and one of the most popular is tile flooring. It is versatile, beautiful and durable so it can do well in any home.