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Create your Own 3-Futon Seater Swing

Sometimes, it’s the simple pleasures in life that really count, like swinging happily in a hammock at a beach. Why not innovate by creating the 3-futon seater swing? A 3-futon seater swing is a futon converted into a swing with the capacity of a 3-seater fit.

Raise your Home’s Profile

Homeowners are constantly looking for an inexpensive way to make their home more livable and increase curb appeal. With an eye toward resale, many homeowners are embracing the nationwide trend of creating outdoor living spaces.

Must-Haves for Basement Bar

When setting up a basement bar, there are some must-have items that you need to stock up on. Of course, there are some extras like a jukebox and pool table that will really take the bar to the next level.

Making your Mobile Home Energy Efficient

If you are living in a mobile home either temporarily or permanently, you will want to cut down your electric consumption. Here are several ways in making your mobile home energy efficient.

Tips for Gutter Maintenance

It is important to periodically monitor the overall condition of a home. Wear and tear as a result of weather and age occurs in every home, and it is wise to take care of problems before they lead to extensive and costly repairs.

7 Tips for Buying Bar Stools

Are you opening a bar, or do you simply want to improve the look of your kitchen counter? There are many solid bar stools out there that will satisfy your needs. If you don’t know what to buy, our guide below should help you decide.

Changing your Lighting on a Budget

We aren’t all blessed with an unlimited budget for improving our living space. Here are a few tips that can change the way you feel in your home by simply changing the lighting arrangements.

Protecting your Garage Door from Storms

Often the largest opening in most homes, the garage door is usually the most vulnerable to high wind pressure such as hurricanes, tornadoes and storms. The pressure of the wind can destroy the garage doors during a storm that allows water and wind to enter the house.